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Have Your Own Soundtrack with UJam!

Having troubled looking for a soundtrack or background music for your presentation? or You seems to watch silent movie or video of your creation? Hard to find for a creativecommon audio file that fits your work? or simply, you love music? Try UJam!

I was once looking for a music that fits my presentation in my class and I was so afraid to just download music from the net or use soundtracks from copyrighted audio files. I also had problems with my students when they ask me what should be their background in their movies when I tell them that they are not allowed to use music or soundtrack which are creativecommons and not permitted to use by authors. Good to find something like this.

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Chatzy and NeatChat: Same as TodaysMeet

TodaysMeet as I said in my previous post is the simplest chatroom that I ever used. There are other chatrooms that we can use other than TodaysMeet. Yet these other chatrooms provides extra feature that made them appealing or complicated (depending on the user). These are Chatzy and NeatChat.

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Simplest Chat Room

Most of the time, people go to a certain social networking site or any instant messenger that will require you to sign up or subscribe to their site. Some offers program to be installed in order to use their product. 
There are many website now that offer instant chat room or virtual room to us. One of this is TodaysMeet.

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Download Video in Different Formats

Sharing, linking, embedding, presenting video to our students is a good way to enhance learning. Students are more motivated and gain interest on lessons when they watch video. However, watching streaming video from Youtube, Vimeo or other video sites is somewhat disappointing when the internet speed is so slow and the video stops and shows buffering. The best solution is to download the video first and insert it in your presentation (make sure you are to download only creative commons).
Looking for the right format of a video you need to download is a challenge. Most especially when your media player plays a definite or only several format. is a search and download engine that helps you find several format of a certain streaming video that you want to watch.

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Three Great URL Shorteners

Sharing is fun and exciting! Today’s generation, enjoy sharing files, media, notes, webpage, blogs, URL and other stuffs over the internet. Social networking sites are flooded with links from their various users, even in different web communities or blogsites where netizens’/ bloggers’ post. However, copying the links of what we like to post and share are somewhat very annoying because of the length of these links. Especially when you have a very little space for URL add to paste on. For teacher who usually writes on the board will not dare to write too long URL address. It is very impractical to do so. URL shortener is the solution to this problem.

I would like to share with you three most often URL shortener that I use in my class or when I post something in the net. These three URL shorteners are, tinyurl and bitly.

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Jing and Screencast-O-Matic: A Great Screencasting Tools

How many times you clicked on “print screen button” in your computer just to capture an image displayed in your screen? Or, how many time you recorded a video of yourself using your webcam or simply used your video camera/mobile phone to take a video from your screen just to add this file on your presentation? Isn’t it so annoying and time consuming to do this stuffs over and over again? There are two tools that I am using to capture an image or record a video from my screen.

These are Jing and Screencast-O-Matic.

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Comic Master

Wanna have a new form of comic strip? In searching for other EdTech tool that I can use in my class, I found this site Comic Master which is providing a FREE service of comic creator. It only ask for your email and a password for your account. Its is supported by Read Me SourcesWords for Life and National Schools Partnership

The window used for creating a comic is so simple and has ready to use background, callout, character and more. Sizes of character can be changed too by simply dragging the corner point of the image you want to resize. You can divided pages of your comics into 8 large scrip, 16 small scrips or a combination of small and large scrips.

The editing portion/ panel in the window is a bit smaller, however, you can use the magnifying glass to increase/ enlarge every scrip so you can edit your comic in detail. You have also the option to save your work for a copy or so you can use it in the future work or simply print it directly.

One thing good with this internet tool is it has its own music player (represented by a small beeper-like picture on its top-right most portion) that you can play while you do you work. You can choose music of different genre. Why not try it out ^^,

For more information click on the image below: 

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Posted by on July 10, 2013 in Comic Strip

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