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06 Jul
One of the coolest stuff I found in the net is the use of rubrics generator. Scoring student’s achievement, work, activity, recitation, media work, presentation and others is to difficult special when it is a qualitative measurement. With the new K-12 program here in the Philippines, creating a rubric score guide is the most difficult task.


There are plenty of rubrics generator in the internet, however….

There are plenty of rubrics generator in the internet, however I found this rubistar from which offer a FREE rubric generator. It has a collection/compilation of millions of rubrics authored by other teachers around the world. You may also create your own rubric on their customizable rubric guides depending on your needs. Also, if you think that the statements or criteria on the rubric you just generated does not fit or is inappropriate with your need, you can edit it by just clicking on the criteria/statement.
The site also offer other teacher’s tool. On the upper right corner of the screen, you may choose the tool you need.

Find time to visit the for more information.  

Another FREE rubrics can be found at this website by Waypoint Outcomes. This developer of web-based software help teachers to create and achieve exceptional feedback from learners outcomes. There are different rubrics that you can choose from. Their library has a wide category for different rubrics. However, they only offer ready to use rubrics. If you want to edit it, you must download it first. 

In this website, it is free to use of their rubrics, yet there are some limitations which describes by their license which is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  

For more information, visit:

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