Comic Master

10 Jul
Wanna have a new form of comic strip? In searching for other EdTech tool that I can use in my class, I found this site Comic Master which is providing a FREE service of comic creator. It only ask for your email and a password for your account. Its is supported by Read Me SourcesWords for Life and National Schools Partnership

The window used for creating a comic is so simple and has ready to use background, callout, character and more. Sizes of character can be changed too by simply dragging the corner point of the image you want to resize. You can divided pages of your comics into 8 large scrip, 16 small scrips or a combination of small and large scrips.

The editing portion/ panel in the window is a bit smaller, however, you can use the magnifying glass to increase/ enlarge every scrip so you can edit your comic in detail. You have also the option to save your work for a copy or so you can use it in the future work or simply print it directly.

One thing good with this internet tool is it has its own music player (represented by a small beeper-like picture on its top-right most portion) that you can play while you do you work. You can choose music of different genre. Why not try it out ^^,

For more information click on the image below: 

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