Jing and Screencast-O-Matic: A Great Screencasting Tools

11 Jul
How many times you clicked on “print screen button” in your computer just to capture an image displayed in your screen? Or, how many time you recorded a video of yourself using your webcam or simply used your video camera/mobile phone to take a video from your screen just to add this file on your presentation? Isn’t it so annoying and time consuming to do this stuffs over and over again? There are two tools that I am using to capture an image or record a video from my screen.

These are Jing and Screencast-O-Matic.

Jing is a screencasting tool that can capture either an image or a video from what you are watching in your screen. It can be downloaded for FREE and is powered by Techsmith. When Jing is installed in your computer, a widget in an image of a sun is placed on top of your screen (this is its default location). However, you can move this sun widget by simply dragging it to the position you desire. With the widget, you can easily access Jing in which when you click on the selection button, you can instantly capture or record. Recording of video last for 5 minutes only. Another feature of this tool is that you can customize the button icons of your Jing window. You can also directly share your output in Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr via

The format of the video output of Jing is swf file in which, you can only play it on Jing program alone (seen on its history button or other media program that supports swf. It cannot be played on WMP, VLC, iTune, MPC or DivX. It can be installed in both Windows and Mac OS.


For more information click on image.

To download Jing, click on DOWNLOAD.
Another tool for screencasting that I would like to share with you is the SCREENCAST-O-MATIC. It can also record video of what you are doing in your screen, yet it cannot capture a still photo of it. What’s good with this is that, while you are recording a video out of what your doing in your screen, you can also take a webcam of yourself simultaneously. So your viewer can watch your video with that little movie screen of you, too.
In addition, you can now use screencast-o-matic online even without installing it in your computer. Just go to and you may choose to the record button to start. Make sure you allow Java program in your computer to use this online feature. The output of this tool can be saved into different format like MP4, AVI, GIF and FLV which can be played in most common media player in which you can edit in some video editor software. You can also directly publish it to screencast-o-matic site or in Youtube. This program can be installed through FREE version which will let you record up to 15 minutes or PRO version which offers unlimited time of recording. Windows platform is required to install this program.
For more information visit:
To download Screencast-O-Matic, click DOWNLOAD

Find time to explore these screencasting tools.


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