Have Your Own Soundtrack with UJam!

23 Jul
Having troubled looking for a soundtrack or background music for your presentation? or You seems to watch silent movie or video of your creation? Hard to find for a creativecommon audio file that fits your work? or simply, you love music? Try UJam!

I was once looking for a music that fits my presentation in my class and I was so afraid to just download music from the net or use soundtracks from copyrighted audio files. I also had problems with my students when they ask me what should be their background in their movies when I tell them that they are not allowed to use music or soundtrack which are creativecommons and not permitted to use by authors. Good to find something like this.


UJam provides tools that you can use to create music and share instantly. It is a cloud-based platform to users and business to create, generate and customize music on your own. You can create your account by just using your Google or Facebook account or you can subscribe by signing up. Best of all is, it’s FREE



Once you’re signed in, you will be directed to your own window. You are provided with five portals in your toolbar and this are you, create, explore, opportunities and log out. YOU portal shows your profile, stats, your likes and your option to promote your works. In this portal you can view also your created song/music. You are provided with 2 slots for your work and you will earn and unlock slots once you complete your account or invite friends.
CREATE, this is the portal where you do most of your work. It has three portals which are UJam Studio, Jam-a-Gram, and Remixing. On the UJam Studio, you create your music by simply recording a melody, selecting a style, arranging your song, editing our recording and editing your songs harmonies. Just click on the “Launch UJAM Studio” and a pop-up window will appear showing the UJam Studio tool. 
The Jam-a-Gram, you just read your a loud the words you want to record. You don’t need to sing it because UJam will turn it to music. This music can be shared to Facebook or Twitter.
On the Remix portal, you are to edit and make a remix of a ready made song from UJam.
On the EXPLORE portal, you can listen to the created music of others in UJam. Music shown here are categorize into three, which are Top 5 Songs, Staffs Pick and Newest songs. When you click on the profile picture of the artist, you will be directed into their profile information, and when you click on the play symbol, you can listen to their music.

And on the OPPORTUNITIES portal, you can work, contest and competition about creating music. Just click on the  “View Opportunity” button for more information about it. This opportunities is brought to you by different sponsors.


Using UJam will save you from installing program in your computer because the it is an online tool which is a cloud-like platform. The program is very useful as a tool for education. 
Creating your own music as background in your presentation is much enjoyable and exciting. You will not worry of any legal obligation since you will use your own music. Especially this is very effective to both music teacher and students.

For more information visit:

Find time to explore this EdTech tool.


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