Create Android Apps

28 Jul
Create Android Apps

Using programs and application needs not to be complicated or limited depending on the device that you use. I do much of my work with the use of my laptop and a PC in my workplace due to their superiority over smartphone and tablet. However, there are certain things that we wish we can do with our gadgets (smartphone or tablet) like what we do in our PC.

I was about to use my laptop to browse one of my favorite websites I use to visit when I tried to figure out if there is a mobile apps of this website, unfortunately, I haven’t found any in the Google Play. While browsing for a solution, I pass on this site in which it offers to create an android apps for FREE.

AppsGeyser free android app maker

Starting to explore this site. It will ask about the URL where the content of your work is stored or you can choose any of the “ready to go template” that they offer. Below is the home page of this site.


You can create your own web apps in 2 steps. When you do the first step, It will bring you to a window where you can edit your website URL, the name of your application, the description of your apps, the icon for your application, the orientation of your website screen and in what category do your application fits.


Don’t be bothered while you are answering these fields in the first step because beside it is a mobile phone window (as shown below) which shows you how will your contents look like.


On the second step, a window will ask you to fill our a form for your identity (so you need to subscribe on this website) or simply connect with your Facebook account. Step 2 window is shown below.


Note that, in this site you can subscribe for FREE and create android apps for FREE however, there are ads that will pop-up on your apps when you use it. Any in my experience, only few ads pop-up and in long intervals. If you want to disable the ads in your app, you can subscribe with their premium subscription. You can monetize from the apps that you created through AppsGeyser’s Ad Revenue Program. You may also distribute your apps by posting it to Google play but of course you need to have a Google Play account (this will require you to pay a certain amount for subscription in Google Play)

THE GOOD THING IS, if you don’t want to earn and distribute your apps, you can still download your apps in your PC/ laptop/ tablet/ smartphone and install it for personal use.

How can we use this in our class? There are so many possible ways to use this specially in making apps for websites that do not have mobile apps. We teachers and even students can personalize our own favorite site. There are infinite possibilities to use this tool. Let’s try to explore it even more.

Again for more information, visit:

AppsGeyser free android app maker

 Always remember to P.E.E.L. (Play, Enjoy, and Explore while Learning)

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