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29 Jul

     Looking for a tool that you can use to capture your screen in many ways? There are plenty of screenshot tools in the internet. Some of these tools were mentioned in my previous posts. While browsing the web for other useful tools in my class, I accidentally visited this site which offers a free screenshot tool. I was fascinated and tried to use it.

greenshot logo2

In my experience, I found out that this tool has plenty of strong features compare to other screenshot tools. Once you install the program, its icon is located in the program folder or simply for faster access to the program, you can see it on the taskbar (as shown in the image below).

greenshoot tray3


greenshoot tray

Once you click on the Greenshot icon, a tray of
options will appear (image on the right). In this way you are to choose the how will you capture your screen. It could be by region, window, fullscreen and more.

In the tray, you can also open an image from your file or simply open the folder of your last screenshot.

     In order to automatically capture a screen with a format of your choice, you can configure that on the option “Imgur” where another pop-up window will appear for you to choose from bmp, jpg, png, gif, tiff and greenshot format. Once you’re done with this, all of your screenshot will be saved in that format.

    You can also configure your external command setting. In this option, You will be asked to edit or add program where you can edit your screenshot. Once you configure this, every time you take a screenshot, you can simply choose to directly edit it on the program you add in the external command.

     You can set your preferred actions while doing a screenshot through the “Quick preferences”. In here, one best setup that I do is setting my destination to the program I use to edit my screenshot, like MSPaint. Every time I take a shot, it automatically opens the shot in MSPaint.

      One good feature of this screenshot tool is when you’re taking the screenshot by “capturing a region”, it measures both height and width of the screenshot. Exact measurement is shown in the area. While dragging the mousepoint to a desired size, you will notice that a large circle besides the area appears. This circle magnifies the point where your mouse is pointing, giving you a very precise screenshot. Below is a sample image of capturing a portion of the screen


greenshoot tray2

     On the other hand, if your preferences are set to default, another window (left image) will appear and giving you option on what will you do with your screenshot. You can save or open on an image editor like MSPaint, Adobe and the like. You may also clip the screenshot on other programs where you need to insert the image. And, you may directly send it to the printer for printing or you can upload to Imgur.

    This screenshot tool has several or plenty of features which is very effective making screen capturing simple and easy. You just need to set it on your desire preferences and your ready to go.

For more information and further instructions on using it, click on the logo below

greenshot logo

Always remember to P.E.E.L. (Play, Enjoy, and Explore while Learning)


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