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Infographing Made Easy!

Presenting an idea can be made in a very simple yet creative way. Truly, a picture means a thousand words, however, pictures accompanied by¬†words means accuracy and precision. ūüôā Infograph is one of the ways to disseminate information in a very creative and simplest form where ideas, knowledge, concepts, information and instruction can be placed in one canvass. Creating an infograph is a very challenging task for¬†teachers like us when we do it in a complicated and expensive software/ programs. But now, we can create infrograph¬†with an online tool called Piktochart2014-08-14 15_38_59-Piktochart Featured Gallery

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Are you ready to assign classwork or homework?

Tired of thinking and preparing for what lesson to teach?¬†Most of the time, we teachers are stuck with our work that we still bring home our unfinished task in school. Checking and grading our students’ output somewhat eat most of our free¬†time.¬†

Another educational platform that I have seen on the net is the Quipper School. It provides a¬†subscriber with a platform for giving classwork or homework.¬†It has ready to use lessons authored by expert educators. What you need to do is to choose the lesson and assigned it to your class. There are plenty of lessons to choose. However,¬†Quipper¬†School¬†basically focused on English, Math and Science lessons (hope to have other subjects in here). Never worry about checking your student’s output because it is equipped with program that will analyze your students progress regarding their assigned task. Best of all, it’s FREE.¬†

2014-08-09 14_12_04-Quipper School

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Watching while Testing

Video lessons are now used in most of our classes, especially when we do flip class. Students are more fond of watching videos than that of lecturing in front of them. As study shows that students are more motivated when they watch a video of a certain topic in our lesson. However, watching video from the start to end (without engaging them with questions) might lose their attention and interest when the video is a little bit boring. How we wish we, teachers can integrate questions in the very part of the video being watch by our students. Now we can do it. We can integrate questions in every part of our video we wanted our students to watch. This is made possible by

2014-08-02 16_02_54-EDpuzzle

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Share a Bookmark!

Is your toolbar’s space enough for everything you want to bookmark? Most of the time, when we visit a website, we usually place it in our bookmark for easy access when we visit it again. However, because there are plenty of bookmarks in our toolbar, we get confused which of these to click specially when it is only represented by icons. What if you wanted to share an idea¬†from a website you have visited days ago?¬†I would like to share with¬†you one good edtech tool that¬†you can use to bookmark websites of your interest and have have the ability to share this to your colleagues. This is¬†CLIPIX:

2014-08-01 04_21_17-Clipix _ My Clipboards

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