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01 Aug

Is your toolbar’s space enough for everything you want to bookmark? Most of the time, when we visit a website, we usually place it in our bookmark for easy access when we visit it again. However, because there are plenty of bookmarks in our toolbar, we get confused which of these to click specially when it is only represented by icons. What if you wanted to share an idea from a website you have visited days ago? I would like to share with you one good edtech tool that you can use to bookmark websites of your interest and have have the ability to share this to your colleagues. This is CLIPIX:

2014-08-01 04_21_17-Clipix _ My Clipboards

2014-08-01 02_25_37-_ edX

Clip Button

Visit and join by simply using your email, Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Once you are done, make sure you add the clip button on your browser’s bookmark for easy access. now you can instantly use clipix. Every time you want to bookmark the website you visit, just click on the “Clip” button (image on the right).2014-08-01 03_40_50-Clipix _ My ClipboardsOn your window, a gray bar just below your browser’s bookmark (image shown above) has several options that you can do such as search where you can type in the word you are looking for within your clips or clips from your members or the community. The community button, will bring you to all the clips that live in, It is has four categories, to choose, from your friends clips, everyone’s clips, health and wellness or travel and lifestyle. You can the change view of your clipboard, by simply clicking on the my clipboard. You clipboard can be viewed in three ways: 3×3 – where 9 clips are shown; 2×2 – 4 clips are shown, or; simply the title of your clipboard. The  add new button gives you the options to upload,a clip from your computer, clip an email, import your bookmarks or to create a new clipboard. The price drop alert button notifies you when a certain item (you clip) reaches the amount/ price you set to notify you.

Let’s start exploring clipix.

On2014-08-01 02_24_48-_ edXce you click on the “clip” button, a pop up window (image on the right) will appear and ask you to to select the image that will represent the website your bookmarking. You can choose from title of the website or images within the website. Then your going to select in which clipboard your storing it.

The clipboard is simply a tray where your clips are placed. you can create several clipboards in your account. You can rename it depending on the types of website or materials you are clipping. On you clipboard,the padlock on top shows you the option whether you will make the clipboard be private, or you can change it where your friends, acquaintances or everyone can view it. If you have lots of clipboards and it doesn’t fit on the window anymore, you can drag each clipboard to create a multiboard (combinations of clipboards) to save space.2014-08-01 02_27_56-Clipix _ My Clipboards

You can easily visit your bookmarks by simply clicking on your clips. Once you click on a clip, a pop-up window will appear and shows you options like visiting the website, liking the page or adding comments on the clip to remind you of the most important reason why you bookmark that website.

You can easily share your clipboard by simply click on the share button below your clipboard. You can share it via the community, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email or by copying the its link.

It is easy to use clipix and it has an enormous feature like; it helps you save your time by clipping the website for future reading, saves space for bookmarks, collaborating by simply sharing your website, serves as storage for your files by uploading it to clipix, and the best part is, it’s FREE. There are other use of this educational tool, we just need to explore it further.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can install a plugin where there is more options to capture, clip or bookmark a website or its content (refer to the image  below.)

2014-08-02 02_05_17-what is thinkbinder - Google Search


Starting from left is the “clip icon” which is for clipping images, if there is no image, the entire website can be clipped. The second is the “upload” icon which is an option for uploading clips from your computer. The third icon is the “selection” icon where you can select a portion in the window to clip. The fourth is the “capture screen” icon where you can take a screenshot of the entire window. Other icons shows your recent clips, notification and managing your settings and preferences. Once your done clipping, you just visit your clipix account.

For more information visit

2014-08-01 04_21_17-Clipix _ My Clipboards

Always remember to P.E.E.L. (Play, Enjoy, and Explore while Learning)

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