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08 Aug

Video lessons are now used in most of our classes, especially when we do flip class. Students are more fond of watching videos than that of lecturing in front of them. As study shows that students are more motivated when they watch a video of a certain topic in our lesson. However, watching video from the start to end (without engaging them with questions) might lose their attention and interest when the video is a little bit boring. How we wish we, teachers can integrate questions in the very part of the video being watch by our students. Now we can do it. We can integrate questions in every part of our video we wanted our students to watch. This is made possible by

2014-08-02 16_02_54-EDpuzzle

It is easy to subscribe in, You only need your name and email to create an account. You may also use your Google+ or Edmodo account in subscribing. This online eductech tool is FREE so NO plans to choose from.

Using this tool is so easy. Once you are inside, there is a simple panel (image below) with only four options: home, my content, my classes and your profile.

2014-08-02 15_56_48-EDpuzzle


On your homepage (image below), your window is divided into two parts. The left portion shows a quick view (progress) of your last assignment (assigned videos to your class) while the right portion is the EDpuzzle announcement.

2014-08-08 00_47_25-EDpuzzle

2014-08-08 01_02_47-EDpuzzle

Below your window panel is a blue button (+Create) which will allow you to create a video, create a class, create a new assignment or a new project.


In this window (left image), it2014-08-08 01_16_15-EDpuzzle shows you all the videos that you edited, created or saved from other video hosting sites. In this window too, that you can assign the videos to your classes. There are two main buttons (assign and create) that you can click here.You can easily assign a video to your students by checking the video (check the square below right of each video thumbnail) and clicking the assign button. The other button is +Create giving you an option to create a new video, upload video or create a new project.

2014-08-08 01_25_10-EDpuzzle

Each corner of the video thumbnail (right image) in your “My content” have different emphasis. The upper left corner is a group icon that shows you whether that video is already assigned to a class. The upper right corner on the other hand, are the icons that tell you what and how did you edit the video. On the lower left of the video thumbnail (gear icon) is command for a popup window that gives you the option to assign, edit, embed, duplicate or remove the video. Lower right portion is the check-box of the video thumbnail.


You can create your class in “My Class” window (image below). In here, you can add several classes with different group codes.You can 2014-08-08 01_50_07-EDpuzzleshare the group code to your students in order to assign them in their respective class. In this window too, you can view the videos that you have assigned to a certain class. You may also view these videos as a student so you may know how your students watch your assigned video.

There is a gear icon besides the name of each class. This gear icon is a command button for managing that specific class. Once click, it will lead you to a new window which is the “Manage Class”. In this window, you can see the detailed profile of your students and have the option to edit your class. It is in this window that you can delete the class.


Here, you can edit your profile and see your progress (statistic of your activity) as a teacher using EDpuzzle. You can also view your account here and have the option to logout.


Using EDpuzzle is so much fun. Creating a video assignment is also simply since, each time you create a video you, there is always an optional button “show me how” that will give you a tip on creating a video. In creating a video, you can upload your own video or simply use a video that you can find in the different video host affiliated to EDpuzzle (like YouTube, Vimeo, TeacherTube, TED and more). Once you have your choice, simply click on “use it” to edit the video or “save” to store it on your “my videos” for future use.

In editing you video, you have the option (icons shows on the right) to crop it so you can only get the main po2014-08-08 02_52_23-ApplicationWindowrtion of the video you wanted to share to your students and to lessen the time of watching. You can also create/use your own audio track in order to explain the video in your own way and in your own language. Audio note is also included in the editing tool so you can have a short narration for title, introduction, commentary and instruction to your students. In your video, you can also insert questions by clicking on “quizzes”. In this option, you can insert a question in a respective time or frame in the video so you can assess your student on that portion of the video. Once your finished, you just click on “done”. Your video will now be save to your “my videos” and you can assign now to your class.

By the way, you can copy the embed of your video so you can link it to other website or platform you are using in your class.

There are so many possible ways to use EDpuzzle. It all depends on our creativity as a teacher so let explore these possible ways.

For more information visit:

2014-08-02 16_04_15-EDpuzzle

Always remember to P.E.E.L (Play, Enjoy, and Explore while Learning)


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