Are you ready to assign classwork or homework?

10 Aug

Tired of thinking and preparing for what lesson to teach? Most of the time, we teachers are stuck with our work that we still bring home our unfinished task in school. Checking and grading our students’ output somewhat eat most of our free time. 

Another educational platform that I have seen on the net is the Quipper School. It provides a subscriber with a platform for giving classwork or homework. It has ready to use lessons authored by expert educators. What you need to do is to choose the lesson and assigned it to your class. There are plenty of lessons to choose. However, Quipper School basically focused on English, Math and Science lessons (hope to have other subjects in here). Never worry about checking your student’s output because it is equipped with program that will analyze your students progress regarding their assigned task. Best of all, it’s FREE

2014-08-09 14_12_04-Quipper School

In order to use Quipper School, you need to subscribe either as a teacher or a student. Joining is so easy since you can use your Facebook account to subscribe (so far, this is the only third-party they are connected to). If you don’t have a Facebook, you can still join/ subscribe by typing/ providing them your name, email and phone number. Once you’re in, you will be guided accordingly on how to use Quipper School.

To create a class, you need to click on the button “create a class”. A popup window will open and ask you what would be the name of the class and the subject you will teach (there are prepared subjects to choose) and you are ready to go. Once you created your class, it will bring you to your class’s dashboard and in “manage” window (like the image shown below).

2014-08-09 23_41_47-Students _ VI-20 _ Quipper School Link

In this window, you will be asked to invite your students in the class. You are to write the names of your students in the box at the left portion. Make sure that you will enter the names of your class per line to assign a code (located on the right portion of the window) that they are going to use to connect and join in your class. In the same window, you may create a small group and invite a teacher who are also handling the same students in the class.

 In 2014-08-09 14_09_28-Overview _ 8-A _ Quipper School Linkyo2014-08-09 14_08_13-Quipper Schoolur class’s dashboard, there are different options: overview, assignment, curriculum, messages and manage (image shown in the right) that you can choose depending on what you are going to do with the class.

The “overview” show shows your list of students in that specific class and their progress. This is the best part, you can view the overall performance of the class. In case that you like to see the performance of each student, you just click on his/ her name to view his/ her performance (individual performance as shown in the right image). The performance indicator shows a data about how your students manage to learn or work the lesson you assign to them.

In the “assignment” window, you can create, edit, delete or view an assignment that you have given to your students. In editing the assignment, you may change the period on how your students will perform it. 

The “curriculum” window will let you search for a topic to assign to your class. In this window, you can also see a “create new assignment button” that will automatically open a drop box where you can drag the topic you wish to assign (image below). Once done, you can click on “send an assignment with this topic” button to assign it to your class. A popup window will appear to let you edit the name of the assignment, its duration and which class will you assign it.  

2014-08-09 14_11_11-Curriculum _ 8-A _ Quipper School Link2014-08-09 14_09_49-Overview _ 8-A _ Quipper School Link

You can make all your communication at the “message” window. You may either send a message individually or a group of students by simply choosing the recipient/s. You c
an also make an announcement to the entire class.

Ever notice a gear button (right image) at the upper right corner of the window? It is an option to configure your class by renaming it, put it on the archive or totally remove the class (delete).

Quipper School is an awesome platform, however, by this time, it is intended for teachers teaching, English, Math and Science since the lessons, topics (curriculum) revolve in these subjects. How I wish there are other topics that are available. The only problem is that you can’t create your own topic with your own idea. Anyway, as it says in their website, “We have over 1000 topics to choose from, each with its own lesson and quiz. It’s easy to search for the topics that are right for your students, and assign them in a click.”. Let’s explore Quipper School.

For more information, visit: 

2014-08-09 14_12_04-Quipper School

Always remember to P.E.E.L (Play, Enjoy, and Explore while Learning)

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