Infographing Made Easy!

16 Aug

Presenting an idea can be made in a very simple yet creative way. Truly, a picture means a thousand words, however, pictures accompanied by words means accuracy and precision. 🙂 Infograph is one of the ways to disseminate information in a very creative and simplest form where ideas, knowledge, concepts, information and instruction can be placed in one canvass. Creating an infograph is a very challenging task for teachers like us when we do it in a complicated and expensive software/ programs. But now, we can create infrograph with an online tool called Piktochart2014-08-14 15_38_59-Piktochart Featured Gallery

Piktochart is a website that provides a software tool to create different format of infograph (infographic, report, banner and presentation). It has a very interactive, user-friendly and easy to use interface. Icons for commands/options are easy to recognize. You can create your account in Piktochart by just using your Google or Facebook account or by creating a username, providing your email and create your own password for your account.

Once your done choosing the theme of the infograph that you will create, you will be directed to your Piktochart Infographic Editor (image below ), there are four basic tool bars to use.2014-08-14 15_41_46-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editor
The upper left bar (right image) is comprised of:2014-08-15 22_30_43-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editor
  • The logo of the Piktochart – brings you home to choose templates.
  • A Go Pro – a link for subscribing to PRO with more features.
  • Your account – a drop option for your account settings
  • File icon – a drop option on what will you do with your file. You may create a new one, renaming it, save it to another name, download it as an image or simply do troubleshooting your download or restore data.
  • Bell icon – is your notification icon.

The upper right bar (right image) shows you2014-08-15 22_30_58-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editor

  • The date of when you last saved your file
  • The saved button not only save your file but it generates a thumbnail of the file.
  • A preview button that removes all unnecessary items in the window for easy view of your project.
  • 2014-08-14 15_44_23-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic EditorThe download button that opens a popup window (right image) that let you download your file into different resolution and file format. For free user, you can only download your project in a thumbnail, web or A4 resolution and JPEG or PNG format.
  • the pu2014-08-14 15_45_04-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editorblish button opens a popup window (left image) that has an option for you to publish your work either by public, to your friends or private. You can copy a link that you can share by email osharer an HTML code so you can embed it to your blog or site.
  • the share button (right image) simply drops an option whether to email your project, export it or simply instantly share it to your favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
2014-08-15 23_40_26-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editor

common buttons

The editing tool bar just right below the “file icon” are buttons that you can use in editing the contents of of your canvas. There are six common buttons that are in place (undo, redo, copy, cut, paste, delete and align button). I called these six buttons “common” since they are fixed in their position. Even there are no items in the canvas, they still appear.

2014-08-14 15_51_45-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editor

Text editing tool

However, when you choose an item in the canvas like text or image, an additional buttons will appear. If you click on text items, a text editing tool (image above) will appear right after the six common buttons. This also happens when you edit an image, but with the image editing tool (image below)

2014-08-14 15_51_06-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editor

Image editing tool

The left tool bar where all your adding graphics commands are placed. It has 6 basic options like graphics, uploads, background, text, style and tools. Every time you choose any of these options, it slides a new tray from option.

  • 2014-08-15 23_59_32-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic EditorThe graphic button lets you choose what image will you insert in your infograph. You can choose icons (unchanged resolution) or photos (resolution changes depending on its size)
  • The upload button lets you select an image from your device. You can either manually select it from your computer or simply drag it to the portion intended for upload.
  • The background button lets you change the color of your canvas. You can change your background image. If you choose “no image”, you can change the background color. Take note that your background color will not appear when you choose a background image.
  • The text button is the command for inserting a text in your canvas, you can choose the format of text you may insert. It can be title, subtitle or body text.
  • The style button changes your templates color scheme
  • The tools button where you can insert charts, maps, videos or lines.

Your canvas is divided into several blocks for easy editing and arranging the contents 2014-08-16 00_08_36-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic Editorof your infograph. A toolbar for editing the block is provided by popping besides your chosen block (right image).

  • The positive sign (+) simply adds a block while the negative sign (-) will delete the block.
  • The third icon simply duplicates your block.
  • fourth and fifth icons are for rearranging the position of your blocks.
  • The gear icon is an option for changing the size of your block. You can also change the size of the block by simply dragging the line  that separates the block.

2014-08-16 00_27_20-Editing Sample _ Piktochart Infographic EditorIf you encounter any trouble in making your infograph, you can ask for help or email Piktochart by clicking on the support icon placed on the far left bottom (right image)

Infograph is one way to share our thoughts to our students. It’s a collection of graphics that has the ideas we really want our students to learn. The infograph that we create can also be made as a very informative display in our classroom or bulle2014-08-16 00_52_33-Piktochart _ Make Information Beautiful - Planstin. Using this tool (Piktochart) gives us the chance to create infograph in a very simply and easy way and best of all, there is a FREE SUBSCRIPTION. But if you wanted to have more featured theme and more graphic options to choose from for your infograph, you may consider PRO subscription

For more information visit:

2014-08-14 15_39_20-Piktochart Featured Gallery

Always remember to P.E.E.L (Play, Enjoy, and Explore while Learning)

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