EdTech Tools

Social Collaborative Learning Tools

  • Edmodo – a social media that can be virtual classroom where teachers and students can meet after class hours to continue their unfinished lesson or either to collaborate and share ideas regarding their lesson. It can be an online tool for different teachers activities like giving assignment, quizzes, making polls or simply posting events and a lot more.
  • EDU2.0 – an educational platform that provides a virtual room for you and your students. You can be an administrator, student, parent, teacher and a friend. This platform gives the subscriber the freedom to choose how to connect to his/her peers.
  • TodaysMeet – looking for a room to chat with friends? TodaysMeet is right for you. You can create your own virtual room or chatboard in an instant without signing in or subscribing. It has an automatic deletion of your conversation depending on the duration of your room of your choice.
  • Padlet – a virtual wall that serves as bulletin board that you can use to express yourself. You may also invite your friends and others by giving the link of your wall you created. It’s an interactive wall where others can leave their message to you and that you can moderate everything that is on your wall.
  • Chatzy – a site that offers you to create quick chatroom for instant messages or a virtual room for you to define your preference of a chatroom.
  • Neatchat – offers a chatroom that can be integrated to Facebook application.
  • MindMeister – an online tool used to create a mind map (concept mapping). It has an integrated chatroom for you to discuss or brainstorm with your collaborators about your mind map in real-time.
  • Thinkbindera real-time collaborative tool where you can manage to share data, video present, discuss through whiteboard and more.

Capturing Tools

  • Evernote – a simple notetaking tool but powerful. It comes from free and premium version. You can take note, copy, capture, edit and organize site that you visit over the internet. This tool can be accessed using your pc, laptop, ipad, tablet and smartphones.
  • Screencast-O-Matic – Record what you do in your screen with a video of yourself through a webcam in this FREE offline or online tool and publish it in any video format. You can also purchase and get PRO version for more stuff.
  • Jing – capture your entire screen or just a portion or it, record what you do on your screen and share your file with this tool from It is a FREE tool and comes with SUN icon ready to click when needed for fast action.
  • Greenshot –  a screenshot tool that has plenty of features and uses. It is easy to use once it is set/configured to your best preferences. It is FREE.

Click here to download Greenshot

Audio-Visual Tools

  • Audacity – Enjoy listening to your voice, sound or music? You can edit it right here in audacity. It is an offline tool that you can download in your computer. Learn how to change your voice pitch and speed. Make different character out of your voice and a lot of more using this tool. It is FREE!
  • UJam – be a music artist with this tool. It is an internet based tool that help you create you music out of the blue. It can remix your old music or simply create a background music for your song. A digital studio of its own.

Document/Presentation Tools

  • Piktochart – easily create an infograph, report, banner or presentation with its user-friendly toolbar and ready to use templates. It comes with FREE subscription but with a limited template to use and a pro-user subscription with a with tons of templates to use and much more feature.
  • Peardeak – provides an interactive presentation to class by integrating assessment tool in real time.
  • Animoto – a great online based video editor. It can be accessed in any internet capable devices. You can create video presentation that suits your preferences. This online tool comes with FREE version, PRO version and PRO PREMIUM version.
  • Prezi – Love presentation? Here is another tool that for sure you’ll love. Prezi is both and offline and online tool for presentation. Your presentation is made up of a whole canvass that eventually, you will zoom in or zoom out on some part of the canvass to show your slides.
  • Google Drive an online tool used to create documents, presentation, forms, spreadsheets. You can share your works anytime and anywhere. You can also edit your works together with your collaborator at the same time. This tool is powered by

Art Works/Tools

  • makeagif – a website that provides a way to create an animated picture (gif files) for free.
  • Comic Master – a comic strip creator. It is an online tool that you can make a comic strip out of the different editing tools it provided. You can make several pages with 16 strip atmost. It is absolutely FREE.
  • OnlineLogoMaker – a web-based logo generator. It has a software that is easy and intuitive to use. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE.
  • OnlineBadgeMaker – create a badge, logo, ribbon and heart of all design for FREE. You can be integrate your badge to your profile picture in your favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Assessment Tools

  • Rubystar – a website that provides a rubric generator. It has a collection/compilation of millions of rubrics authored by other teachers around the world. You may also create your own rubric on their customizable rubric guides depending on your needs.
  • QuipperSchool – an educational platform that you can use to assign a ready made homework/classwork to your students.
  • RubricLibrary – There are different rubrics that you can choose from this site. Their library has a wide category for different rubrics. However, they only offer ready to use rubrics. If you want to edit it, you must download it first.
  • ExitTicket – a web-based interactive real-time assessment tool that you can use in your class. It shows real time performance of your student during the class with the quick assessment tool. You may purchase additional apps from its Apps Center for more ways to assess.
  • SurveyMonkey – a web-based survey tool that let you create poll. It has an analytic program to let you analyze your survey data into insights and accurate report.
  • Roobrix – a tool that lets you convert your rubric score into a percentage grade.

Educational Games

  • FunBrainAn online based games that are capable of enhancing students knowledge and learning in Math and Reading. It also comes with arcade and virtual playground for learning that suits students age. It offers suitable games for Kinder till Grade 8 students.
  • CarrotSticks – An online based multiplayer games that provides learners to enhance their mathematical skills. Their games are suitable for Grade 1 – 5. It comes with FREE plan and Lifetime Subscription.
  • Learninggamesforkids – A free online based games for children of all ages. There are lots of games to choose from. It is sponsored by Times4Learning and VocabularySpellingCity

Programming Tools

  • Appsgeyser – an online tool to create a mobile apps from you web contents that do not have mobile applications.

Research Tools

  • Google – A search engine that has a wide variety of category of how you want your search file be. You can also use this search engine as an all around tool by simply specifying your search or go to advance search mode.
  •  Search.creativecommons – An independent organization that offers a convenient way of searching the web for creative common files.
  •  KeepvidDownloader – an online tool that helps you search and download different formats of your needed video.

Cloud Storages

  • Dropbox – Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. It comes with a 2GB free space as start that you can increase up to 16GB via referral. You can install it to your computer/gadget for easy access and automatic upload of files saved in dropbox folder.

Click here to download Dropbox

  • Copy – Copy is the easiest way to store, protect and share amazing things. It keeps your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere, even on your mobile devices. Starts at 15GB free storage and an additional 5GB of via referral. It comes with different plans of subscription that suits you.
  • OneDrive is free online storage (7GB free) for your files that you can access from anywhere. When you save your files to OneDrive, they’re always with you. You can add more space for your OneDrive by referring it. And with the OneDrive desktop app you can sync your files to your devices automatically. 
  • Apply iCloud – let you access your musics, photos, documents and more from whatever device you are on. What you need is just one Apple device. iCloud provides you 5GB of free storage for your precious files on your Apple device.
  • Ubuntu One – Gives you 5GB of free cloud storage so you can access all your files, photos and music from all your computers and smartphones. You can streamline your music from your storage.
  • SpiderOak – a 100% private online backup, sync and sharing. You may instantly retrive files from any device, anywhere. Starts with 2GB free storage for life that you may increase up to 10GB via referral.

Other Helpful Tools

URL Shorteners: TinyURL, Bitly and – These are URL shorteners used for shortening very long URL for the convenience in writing and sharing. URL shorteners also helps customize/personalize your link the way you want it.


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